The Immigration of German Colonists to Denmark
and their Subsequent Emigration to Russia
in the Years 1759-1766


Dr. Alexander Eichhorn, Dr. Jacob Eichhorn & Mary Winn Eichhorn

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Written in both German and English, this acclaimed 767 page book contains extensive information obtained from Danish and German archives. Included are important previously unpublished data. Historians and genealogists will find this book a valuable reference.

Highlights Include:

* History of the German immigration to Denmark and then to Russia

* Lists of the 1200 German families transported to Jutland and Schleswig in the years 1759-1762 ("A" List).
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* Database of over 1800 German and Danish colonist families registered in Jutland and Schleswig in the years 1759-1766 ("B" List)

* List of 604 colonist families who emigrated from Denmark to 34 specific German colonies in Russia ("Rus" List).
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* Name index for combined Lists "A", "B" and "Rus"

* Thirteen illustrations, 16 maps and 8 tables and charts