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Alexander, Mary and Jacob Eichhorn

Alexander Eichhorn, MD

Alexander Eichhorn, MD, was born on 16 June 1958 in Schuchinsk, Kokchetav, Kazakhstan. His father was born in the Volga colony of Doenhof and his mother in the colony of Kamenka. After underclass studies in Schuchinsk, he was accepted to the Medical School at Astana (Tselinograd), Kazakhstan where he graduated in June 1981. From 1981-1990 he served as a lecturer in the Department of Surgery and Anatomy. In 1987 he fulfilled the requirements for the degree “Dr. med.” at the Medical School in Novosibirsk, Russia. Dr. Alexander Eichhorn and his family emigrated from Kazakhstan to Germany in September 1990. Since 1995 he has had his own general medical practice in Bonn, Germany. His interest in his Eichhorn genealogy led him in 2000 to study the immigration of Germans to Denmark in the years 1759-1762 and the emigration from Denmark to Russia in 1764-1766. He is a member of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR).

Jacob Eichhorn, PhD

Jacob Eichhorn, PhD, graduated from the University of Michigan Department of Chemical Engineering and is a graduate of the Program for Management Development at Harvard University School of Business. He held technical and managerial positions at the Dow Chemical Co. for 45 years and is an author and patentee in the technical area. His parents were Volga-Germans who emigrated from Russia to Germany and in 1924 came to the United States. Dr. Eichhorn collaborated in a published history of the Volga-German church, served for three decades by his father, Rev. Jacob Eichhorn. Much of his current family genealogy research is based on studies of German church records (1650-1800). He is a charter member of AHSGR.

Mary Winn Eichhorn, BBA

Mary Winn Eichhorn, BBA, graduated from the University of Michigan School of Business Administration. After 5 years in the Personnel Department of the Dow Chemical Co., she retired to become the mother of four children. Her current genealogy project involves compiling data on the hundreds of Volga-German families who came from Russia to the Saginaw Valley of Michigan. She is a charter member of AHSGR.